14th October 2013 MYsterioUS Circle going in to the future with dimensions and more

this is from an older post,seeing the arm going through wall

It is now the 14th October 2013, this is an important update to further discussion on break through s occurring around the dimensions in the face to face surroundings,whether it be tele-portation or as though you will be familiar with the back to the future films where cars fly, this is similar, cars are flying through buildings and other craft that are not yet invented in this era, seen going through matter,the mysterious circle has not been on face book for a while because we want to keep all posts on the main website here as this is a crucial serious time we are focusing on this big discovery that is now expanding further, different conditions are in experimental where there are at times occurrences happening out of the blue without warning being seen also.
We now have another camera facility in place these are night vision goggles that are multi in use it can be used in the dark and in the daylight to, the functions pick up phenomena, it has night vision and a thermal all built in with video and camera it can record all, so far in the experiments it has been tested in light and dark and is picking up all kinds of phenomena plus the dimensions,so as well as the goggles the other cameras we have are also in process, there are times when Sylvia is awake with her own awareness and is not sitting she will tune in with the dimensions, ask questions, there are times they will respond to her, other times the communication can be nil, though visual can be strong or weak, so now the experiments are going to continue in all conditions of day light and dark and plus in all weather conditions, and it will be in doors and out doors this will be taken, once instructed what to do and when. some times names of people in other dimensions are given or symbols and signs, some times it can be like a puzzle trying to work some things out yet it is worth observing till it makes sense where the missing jigsaw fits. When sylvia sits in this dimension, she has sat in different types of condition, natural day light, and the low light conditions and the dark, if the connections are correct and strong they will show up, some times they can be there not be seen by the eye yet the camera will pick it up, there has been times in low light conditions the camera has not always picked up the dimensions even though the eye see's it face to face, it is either it is not meant to be recorded or it could be the power is not  strong enough or the camera is weak there is always a number of reasons it can be.The other week, when Sylvia was awake watching the dimensions she seen some people coming in looking very busy doing something together,now how they was working as a team of three, you could see them at times walking through each other.
now this week seen with the eye was a parallel place looked like having a duplicate of something looking the same though the two was doing something different to each other, the doorways of a building had something in front of it , yet the other one was the same door had nothing in front of it yet crossing in to the building that had something in front of it, was a vehicle the body looked like a train carriage it flew not driven on a road it was flying and it went through the building walls at one point yet when on the outer part of building this flew at an angle what we would say is impossible in ou life time to do, we do have photo;s of this, what we believe to of tuned in to here is the future,something that is not here yet is on the way, yet in some dimensions there are future past present events that occur and show up though there also are the living and the dead living in other places in the universe different species, there are those who have similar looks to our self and others a different appearence to us here on earth, now the most intriguing is when you see giants, miniature and in between of all kinds of life appear and move around, and there are those who do appear that at the same time are seen as a giant and a miniature in one at the same time this is another very complicated species living this way as it is not a familiar one on earth and even what i describe is seen as impossible for earth, it is occurring in another dimension in another place in the universe. There are familiar things on earth you will know is here and you are used to, though the familiar you can spot easily because you recognise it and used to it, though when you see something else your not familiar with it will leave many questions you want to get answers for, there are times the familiar appears in the dimensions for here and even though it is for a reason being shown how it is now and what it will be like in the future, you know it will be something to keep an open mind on as when the future arrives and what we got here saved in advance and is on the recordings when it came in, this will be shown when the invention is in existance to the familiar in the future when you are in it to see those flying cars and trains and boats etc, appear, these will not be just like back to the future it will be more than that. your probably wondering to yourself why are we sharing this news? because we want to, we want to bring the awareness of something massive is occurring and it is not a game, it is not an imagination that is made up, this is a real reality going on and we are grateful to be witnessing this, and we aim to take this further. we are  not about physical mediumship of the past in the way you are familiar with, this is a big leap in to going beyond all that it is precious and sacred and should not be taken for granted or misused. it can have it's dangers, though you can not play Russian roulette with things like this, it is a very serious level of understanding what is involved here and how it is happening and how it is working in to our reality
the mysterious circle will keep you updated on this.

sylvia howarth

MYsterioUS Circle



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