18th October 2013 MYsterioUS Circle Experimental Dimension Face to Face going in to a Dimension


18th october 2013 connecting with the dimensions in mirror there light appears and more 

it is now the 18th October 2013,the weather is dull there has been fog and some rain, today is test conditions day experimenting and working with these conditions to get a connection a link with the other dimensions however, there will be other experiments involving where on all different kind of sittings phenomena has shown up on camera where Sylvia has at times shown up losing her body parts either looking gone or they are invisible,transparent, a experiment that has not been done in a while on working on watching ones own self as on a face to face scale that does not have to involve a camera picking it up, demonstrating how a person on a face to face level can go partial to full de materialized once a connection in the environment is correct the levels are strong to, now Sylvia has seen her own hands or feet vanish when she has been awake,experimenting with the conditions around her to see that what has appeared on camera, to see it with her own eye that her hand can go transparent or to a point of vanish. so today these experiments will be taking place, and a update to this post you are all ready reading will be added, and everything she see's on her own awareness for the moments the connection of vanishing her head to if the link is strong enough,the idea with this also is to be able to go to another point of dimension,experience the moment where she ends up for how long it lasts,and allowing her self to remember what happened,there will be tests conducted with natural conditions with nothing, and there will be a test with mirror to show the points taking place, if all works out today, any footage recorded will be posted in this post, so will keep you updated today,whether time loop or another world appears,will share this here. check back later for the images and more.


this is the update and the images are below,not all images posted,well it became a unexpected moment during the connecting with the other dimensions, well 2 mirrors was placed on the bed a normal mirror and a scrying black mirror,a skull  not a real skull,was also placed on a black plate, 2 cameras recording 2 different points in the demonstration, one pointing in the air to the wall and the other camera on the mirrors,now the wall had phenomena taking place that was linking in a portal though not a lot of visual was seen easily in it, the changes can be seen taking place during the time the experiment with mirror dimensions was taking place, now where the wooden wardrobe is a face appears in red the face expression changes, all other explanations to the face was eliminated as Sylvia looked to the wardrobe it was not a reflection coming off anything else though it was occurring during the time the connection with other dimensions are taking place. it is important to remember that what can seem going on in one point of a connection in a dimension in one place it can be going on even further in another part of place or all round so attention is needed for awareness to always be aware of what is going on that you may not think is.
during the demonstration  Sylvia linked in and light emerges within her hands and around,a special sphere like orb in a multi colour similar to the one in water that appeared in a picture Shannon photographed earlier in September while Sylvia was linking in water with dimensions appeared, though this one today is smaller,slightly different, appears at times in the vortex coming in.
sylvia hands at times to parts of arm vanish,then re appear back. there is more to connecting with dimensions,there are different levels and points, though many cross through in to each other it is also a moment of remembering how you live your life and treat others can affect things here in your life and the other dimensions, as though your future is important very important, you must not allow your self to feed on the wrong things in your mind as you can lure in things you do not want in your life. this post will still be updated today.



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