29th October 2013 MYsterioUS Circle v mysterious circles announcement


It is the 29th October 2013 mysterious circle felt it important to update you on what we are planning,first of all for those who are not going to be busy on Halloween in the evening, you will have the chance to join mysterious circle live on air via ibroadcast.tv the player is also on our main website here so you can view it if you do not go directly to the ibroadcast.tv site, so round about from 7 pm UK England time the broadcast takes place, so if you are at a different time zone check out the world clock so you can at least get an idea of time zone differences.

The other news just want you to understand that mysterious circle IS NOT mysterious circles, so there is no confusion who is who or if there is a link, it is 2 different sites doing different things,different owners, we here at mysterious circle work with love peace and harmony. We do connect with ET though we do not use ET to be seen as harmful, there are  ET that are loving species , though there are all types of ET they all have there own personalities language and look,though would not just appear to public easily nor dress like a cult. mysterious circle have seen  ET species and the type seen would naturally make you feel fear, fear when your heart beats fast, your adrenaline pumps rapid and you sweat, and the not knowing how you will be treated by one, you would not be relaxed and happy about seeing one first time. This is no disrespect to the  mysterious circles site, what they are doing is probably a promotion for football or something though using the ET to draw attention to there advert, so please do not take anything personal, it is 2 different sites doing different things.



  1. Hi this is Chris Howarth, i totally agree with all that is said on here
    May the force be with you x


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