4th October 2013 MYsterioUS Circle talks about AWARENESS and mistakes


It is very much a concern just how much goes on around every-bodies lives,which ever way you look on things whether to do with the past the present or how the future maybe like it seems to have an occurrence of pattern that seems to be continuing on within each generation that no matter how you can think some things changed since the past, or could be evolving in advanced ways,nothing has really changed with people. The words power,corruption,deceit,lies,disharmony,ego,greed,gain, are some of the things that still appear in people, though this is not the discussion being spoken of. There is an example that is needed to speak of and this is how easy things can cause a massive problem even though it was from one individual to create an atmosphere a new trend or even corrupt others in different convincing ways to follow the pattern that was being given out at the time, taking you back now to the witch trials back in 1600's when one young girl who to this day have studied closely on the body language and a reason why the witchcraft became out of control. a young girl wanted attention from her parents,and could not stand attention going to others,she wanted all the attention around her self yet did not ask,why,because back in those days it may have been due to high demands on religion you had to follow the rules how you could speak out in what you as a person felt, most emotions had to be silent or carefully worded other wise the word god was constantly used as a weapon to be in a scare tactic way to put the frighteners in people. this young girl carried within her a lot of resentment, she wanted attention,she was not getting it, so whilst in the presence of  church she became odd acting out of character as though possessed to all in the church, her words she spoke was more on her what she wanted to open up to,yet she turned her resentment in to more and chose out of the people in the place to be accusing them of witchcraft,witchcraft could mean anything not just a spiritual thing.Innocent people because of her,they ended up in the type of jails they had back then, though they was hung,no matter how many times those people pleaded innocent they was being punished and tried and hung,if they confessed to being a witch some times they was set free, though not always some admitted to being a witch because they did not want to die and others still pleaded innocent,though this girls actions was copied by others to carry on calling people witches it spread,when the girl went in to her strange odd mood,it got copied and the witchcraft trials became something more because her actions was rubbing off on others to copy who is a witch in  the village,there was no fair trials, though the judges as I will call them, was missing the obvious from the beginning this young girl creating a following to join in with the witch craft accusations to see innocent people get tried and not only that they them self was becoming worse and performing evil acts on people and wiping out lots of people for anything they could until some one else stepped in of a higher authority to put an end to the witchcraft that was out of control,many people lost there awareness in to what they was becoming as a person turning evil to there own, though they worshipped god highly, there acts became the devil himself as they them self could not see it at the time, the girl was the cause yet the mother did not want her to die, protected her, and took the blame on her own shoulders.
some times peoples awarenesses can be at different levels, some are quicker at spotting things to other's and it is how you deal with a situation whether to follow the clan, or stay out of it,some times there are people who can cause corruptions that are not safe to be around yet those easily led and vulnerable will fall pray to this and not see the truth until it is too late.
Fashion to this day is easily led how it is advertised, people will buy a fashion because a celebrity or pop star wears it, and because a shop sells the fashion it can be forced on people to wear that image because that is mainly what is in the shops where a choice of clothes to choose from that is not a fashion trend is not always available. you choose whether to wear the fashion or go on your own style.
yet those who follow the fashion does it give them the image for that fashion it is for?
awareness is important, if you can be easily led in to anything in the world, doe's it mean it is correct to follow it or not? and what does it say about you?
Nothing has really changed since time began, suppose at the very beginning there was no troubles,the troubles in the world began when people began populating the earth and rulers for each place on earth took over,though there are people now in the present day still falling pray to patterns and corruptions,your instincts is the biggest key that warns you of dangers, when you ignore it you regret it, when you listen,you realise that you did the right thing listening because you find out why after even if you still wanted to go ahead with something you was being warned about yet you did not go ahead.those who ignore and go ahead wish they did not go ahead.
There are many blind spots to watch out for on your paths, and if you think that where ever your going is the way, make sure you are sure before you go in that direction, as you will never know immediate all reasons why until some day arrives the truth comes out and it can have devastating consequences and make you wish you never went down that direction.

learn from personal experience, never repeat the same errors, learn to be where you know you belong where ever you are in your life.
joining in on a new trend even if it was to cause serious harm to another soul, is the wrong direction as it was in the witchcraft trials in the 1600's,never forget it, because even to this day, there are people out in the world that would still do serious harm to others and have others join in, what ever methods used,and it is not just about witchcraft trials as an example, there are con artists,tricksters and all sorts in this world that can get people where they want them and still pull the wool over there eyes,it is your choice to make a decision, though remember what choice you make, make sure it is the right one for you.



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