12th November 2013 MYsterioUS Circle is preparing the path for the BIG One

1st April 2012 ET communication and visual slip in the white noise though came in via the live cam sitting

MYsterioUS Circle  new updates for 12th November 2013, busy times are coming so will keep you all posted on what is on the agenda with the mysterious circle, soon as everything is in place with the bigger break through s, this will be an important time to focus on how all forms of communication and visual with the other dimensions are responding, though this is an area that mysterious circle have been working with for a very long time the achievements by those on other levels of dimensions and other locations in the universe,it will be wonderful to know that there efforts have been worth while further in clearer voice and visual, things take time and can not be rushed, though all efforts are valued and everything is worth the precious efforts made,so will keep updating this site with new posts as the big one is yet to come, that will be worth in the future something seen as special, to those who may not think anything of what is being said here, we know it will take many peoples attentions to levels that will think have explanations though, this will not be an easy road to explain. 
We have many plans for 2014 seminars and conferences and for those who get the chance to attend, may just get lucky to get a glimpse in to this wonderful link. Will keep you posted on next years events.
"Enjoy life, do not abuse life and become negative towards it, all that is with you that you can not see is with you,and it can hear you."

Thank you
MYsterioUS Circle



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