15th November 2015 MYsterioUS Circle Working the Vortex with music and Mirror


It is the 15th November 2013, this morning at 10 am sylvia felt she needed to connect with the vortex and work with the unseen around her, she put music on to lift the vibrations in the atmosphere whilst broadcasting live on cam at ibroadcast.tv site the experiment was different to usual which meant working away from the mirror and then in front of the mirror ,the changes taking place to her body where th link with the unseen becomes visible live on the cam,it is important that when she demonstrates the vortex in action working with the body when it is active how much is showing up that the eyes do not always detect can appear, though other sittings working with the dimensions especially in low light conditions where the others from other dimensions do appear and the eyes can see them walking around, this is just another way there connection will appear with Sylvia either in a form of transfiguration or partial appearances on the connection, some times her body appears to be materializing ,some time soon when the big one is all ready for the connecting with other dimensions on the visual and cam picks it up there will also be there direct voices to look forward to,it has took a long time to get this far though it never ends the development,below are images stills images from the saved footage from the live broadcast, the changes taking place to sylvia's body, some time the face appears blank looking or other faces are showing,there is a strong phenomena in one the pictures towards end that shows a white orb in mirror yet not noticed in other pictures. Enjoy
Part 1 images are the morning pictures, part 2 is the evening pictures, the evening was a different demonstration to the morning, though ET faces appeared look at part 2 images for them.
Part 1 images:

Part 2 Images:



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