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17th December 2014 MYsterioUS Circle unexpected Sitting with spirit

endofvid [starttext] it is the 17th December 2014 a unexpected day for a sitting for mysterious circle , Sylvia decided to sit as she has not done any for a while, Chris sat as a guest and observed all going on. communication came in from Tommy, Melanie,and spirit art from Maurice, although other spirit visitors made an appearence. before the sitting took place the room was already building with a white energy, the red light was on very low yet the camera used was a night vision camera,and even though there was no expectation for anything to appear, it appeared, and caught on camera, heads appeared 2 looking more solid towards back mediums neck area behind and others black next to her head, it was very active as 8 mins into the seance the cameras got shut down so only a small video clip showing spirit was seen, the battery we discovered was still full yet they turned the camera off. Maurice brought through amazing art on a luminous plaque the spirit faces seemed alive on the plaque a…

8th December 2014 MYsterioUS Circle special visit from a young boy and spirit friends

endofvid [starttext]
It is the 8th December 2014 and unexpected  out the blue in the dining room the balloon began to move. during the time it was moving and the light shone in room strong, faces began to appear at the back of the room towards wall and board, as Sylvia looked on she could see a young boy, possibly harry her son, then other faces appeared women and men, so she took photos of them as they made there appearence, below are some images of the spirit faces behind the balloon towards the wall on brown board.

5th November 2014 MYsterioUS circle Healing in light

[starttext] on 5th November 2014 Sylvia received a healing through light, the healing of light appears in the places on her body especially the throat and neck and retro-sternal area she has a thyroid health problem. the healing took place there,one illness at a time can only be worked on with the healing in light yet further sessions will happen some time in future, there will be questioning by people the the light is just light appearing and is not accountable in there opinion for this healing, although when Sylvia goes back to hospital in future for a check on the thyroid before going in for a operation, confirmation will show if the healing was a success and the thyroid has healed, will keep you updated on this..sorry the camera is side on (c)copyright Sylvia howarth mysterious circle all rights reserved

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