10th February 2014 MYsterioUS Circle Unexpected Special during a dance work out

it is the 10th February 2014, mysterious circle have not done any sittings in a while, and very recently Sylvia has been looking after her health, all week she has been keeping fit doing aerobics, running, walking, dance and more,today she decided to do a dance work out, and she wanted to film it so she could see how she was getting on when playing it back afterwards, well it made no difference to her in appearing as just her self being her self, the phenomena occurs still on camera, faces became clear on the footage and also direct communication came through from another dimension heard on the footage, take a look below at the images still shot from the saved footage, shown below.some are Sylvia's ether, others are not.Sylvia started off wearing 2 tops one underneath another,then ended up taking one off as the room was not ventilated enough window was blocked, so her bare skin ended up showing like her arms part of neck area, you shall see the transformations taking place around hand arms even partial de materialization with out limbs. this is not a camera trick, not photo shop no effects, as you know the history of the mysterious circle sittings have had many different appearances similar or even different to this.If you ever see a face you recognize please let us know, use the contact us page on the site here.



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