MYsterioUS Circle brand New update for March 2014


spirit person face transfigures over medium, who could this be that was or could of been locked in the tower or passed through it to put people in the tower? or is it mary queen of scotts carlisle castle

It will be a month of new developments for mysterious circle to get back in to working with the ET again and spirit it has been some months since any full sittings have taken place or experiments with other dimensions, the ET are back they to had a break for quiet a lot of months and now there communications are coming in loud and clear again, so this month will be a focus point on encouraging loved ones from other dimensions and also any other living soul from another dimension if not deceased to come through, there maybe further experiments to on the future contacts, this is a sensitive tricky area so it will be important when the mysterious circle sit it is a nice calm  peaceful atmosphere no distractions and full focus, there maybe some other experiments to link to specific people on the other side and attempt to get there communication or visual to appear, lots planned for a full month from 12th March 2014, keep checking back here to the site for the new postings, there will be live cam broadcasts to so that will be another feature again.



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