MYsterioUS Circle Post Update for MAY 2014


11th April 2014 Transfiguration and partial de-materialization of body parts 

from the 6th May 2014 the BIG EXPERIMENT begins, mysterious circle will be demonstrating in different conditions on how the spirit and other life forms from all over the universe can appear in different ways yet by there own doing not by ours, and how they can be seen with the eye without the need of a seance of any kind, however depending on what levels are around and open in the portal when i put my hand through it,if it is safe to work with the level and all is well, it shall be continued,and also how the time of deja vu affects the lives of people what triggers it off for people to become over whelmed with the feeling they been some where or done something before on the spot they feel it, plus with this to get the past life to appear in connection with that de ja vu experience. now the big secret if all goes well shall be revealed also, around may time, shall have to wait and see if the all clear given during experiments that the secret can be revealed, we shall see nearer the time. Is it possible to go back in time, teleport to past or future, yes it is? however it is, how it is done that is the key not all understand, and can your ether from another dimension teleport to you and your self seen some where not the same as bi location when it is you seeing it not another person seeing you some where else? Lots to look forward to and do plus Communications from ET and spirit other life forms from other dimensions in other places from universe. Keep checking site for more.



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