MYsterious Circle Update 2nd November 2014


It has been a while since mysterious circle have posted up on the site,so quick up date on what has been going on. Sometimes you got to re look at things going on in life, see things in different angles to other peoples, and even though we are not about judging other people what they can or cannot do, some horrors on our path we have seen in other people how they never think before hand how they would feel if some one was to criticize them or make there life feel worthless in some way etc, we seen different people expecting the glory, the number 1 flag, fame fortune in what they would think they deserve praise for, yet those same people will judge others be horrible and negative thinking the world deserves to give them everything for doing it, yet, the tables turn a pattern forms, people on any side of the fence are attacking each other like it is a competition to get up a ladder before some one else and deserves a big prize with recognition, in all this going on, the personalities start to show who they really are and they can pretend to be so nice loving and giving to each other face to face then turn on each other like wild animals behind each others back,one wrong thing is said for one it becomes a plague of more peoples negative energy has to get drawn in and the situation grows and gets worse.They then forget who they was before they became this obsessed pattern of disharmony bad energy that goes out of control and is passed on to others to join in and do...We took a step back and was shocked just how many people have become so in tune with this awful pattern of emotions that there focus is no longer on what they once was serious and in tune with to be doing positive in there life, they change in to the horror the opposite of what they should of not allowed to  happen and creep in to there life.Losing there way to powerful greed, ignorance,demand,noticed,a number,a label,dreamer,deceatful,conning,trickery, list goes on anything to be number 1 regardless of what is really important around them that is now forgotten because they are carried away, and losing track of what was from the start, vulnerable people become targets, lured in like bait, sheep in to traps and those who fall in to the traps get sadly mislead and hurt, those hurting those vulnerable make any excuse to get away with what they are doing on them so they do not have to face there personal responsibilities of what they have done wrong and become in to a awful mass of corruption to those they are tricking in to anything they wish to take advantage of and believe.There is no shame in them when they do it, there is no regret in emotion, they become cold and then it becomes the norm to them and they forget what is actually normal. And why is this being mentioned, because it needs to be said, there are some awful conning people in this world who will do anything to get what they want and for the money to, and sadly those who pretend to have something wonderful turn it in to a trend of sickening trickery on vulnerable people to vet what they want and what they want a vulnerable person to believe.We had our eyes opened to just how many there are out there, and sadly the dead people are being wrongfully used in this way, where is the real evidence of those loved ones, real messages that has not been researched and not taken by other people before hand, where are the materialized spirits that are supposed to be there as a solid person or something to see in which way being given, where is there voice,s there own personalities, there are people saying they have this a lot or all time and do a they can to convince vulnerable people there loved ones are there,sitting in darkness is no proif any sitter not just a medium can get out of there chair and touch someone near them,people need proper evidence, not just i think it is there or maybe, when you see a spirit you know it, spirit will be who they was as they did in life before death, there own personality, death is no joke no game, it is not entertainment either,when people die, they die, spirit lives on, and they have free will to appear in any conditions when they want to not by command. Question who you sit with, renember how your loved ones spoke before they passed, did they say things and do things a certain way, what was there habit that always stood out, all this is important. Be very careful who you deal with,even those who bad mouth and say we are the ones come to us do not go to them they have not got it.. be concerned, because 9 times out of 10, they may not have it either, and they all will do any trick in the book to win you over.. you should not have to pay big sums money to speak to your loved ones, if the evidence is not there, do not pay unless you have a good reason to pay them, some one recently supposed to of had psychic surgery, the person paid a sum of money, and did not get surgery, the person was in the room less than five mins, all there health history and medicines had to be given before hand and that was trickery to get the info beforehand, then the psychic surgeon who supposed to be in trance spoke with the wrong voice, not a guide there own, told the vulnerable person we are not doing anything to you now come back again, too the money just the same, so next time person goes back, another big fee and disappointment will be added on the bill.It is not just psychic surgeons doing this, there are many more people in this world different professions not even spiritual doing it, and it is wrong and damages people prey to them. Watch your backs, you have every right to refuse these people when they fail to deliver, and it is very sad they get away with this and cause so much upset heart break to the vulnerable.
MYsterioUS Circle are nit closing door completely on spirit and on ET

we still do work with them, we are not here to cause upset with public, we are here to do good, we are not about fame fortune stardom or money, we are free, and will be for as long as we can be, we do not hide,we give everyone opportunity to ask questions and test us. At moment due to genuine health problems, we can  not do much at moment till the health side sorted out. And for those who judged wrongly the health of. sylvia,need to readdress what they are saying wrongly of her, she has a genuine health issue, which will end her life,those who assumed it was mental health git it wrong, listening to idol gossip your all good at,you forget to listen to the person it is,about.SO becareful on how you listen to gossip as all it does is cause broken hearts and loss of friendships.And those mediums who research to reliterate things back or make it look like they never knew, i know.will already know things i posted or someone else of sylvia etc even you, keep in mind it ain,t evidence till you know it is in ways it can never be over heard, read or found in any other way. What time sylvia has on earth, she needs you yo know this,do not be conned by anyone of any type of job no matter what it is, you deserve the truth.
bye for now
MYsterioUS CIrcle



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