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29th July 2015 Spirit phenomena happens in the kitchen

endofvid [starttext] Unexpected spirit phenomena happens in the kitchen at the top of work units while it takes place a face in bright light appears then disappears few orbs appear to after all whizzing light and spirit energy disappear. Sylvia wanted to capture more though her arms ached filming, though spirit went away of there own accord, sometimes ET do this form of phenomena .Sylvia was not expecting this to happen to her today however lately, a lot of light phenomena energy has been appearing in photos,this maybe a sign that one she is healing through her body,and two she is being made aware to get ready to return to doing work with spirit and ET again.Although just got to wait a little bit longer then she will return to it. what ever the spirit and ET have lined up for her,we will soon know when that day comes... take a look at the video of the spirit phenomena happening in the kitchen, Sylvia did look for other explanations to how it could of happened yet seen with her own eyes…

3rd April 2015 New Big Changes for MYsterioUS Circle

endofvid [starttext] 3rd April 2015,MYsterioUS Circle shares an important announcement....Things change and they change for many reasons,sometimes even miracles happen to people for different reasons, and miracles only pop up when they do once in a blue moon for some one,.Sylvia has had a miracle happen for her it changed her life and has turned her life around,and this new positive turning point means to her that the spiritual work she was doing,is going temporarily on a back burner,she has a brand new life now, which she hopes to bring positive hope and changes for other peoples lives regarding there health and fitness.She will be going back in to dancing and aerobics and focusing on saving peoples lives,giving encouragement and true inspiration to those that need it especially those who feel there is no hope for them.The MYsterioUS circle site will still be on, it will get updated of any new experiences that happens,whether it be on the go or a return of sittings in future, so for…

22nd February 2015 Is it wrong or right to prove the afterlife?


many things in life can crush the human soul yet it can be overcome,life can be hard for many different people, and even if you are different and you do not follow a crowd doing the same thing of a trend it does not mean you are the odd one out.where ever you are in your life, enjoy it, no matter how others see you,it is your path, so go on enjoy it, take no notice of those who are not in to you for what you do or is,be you, and be the best you can be,life's to short for all the chaos that happens, you want a positive future a happy one, not one that makes you feel it is not worth living for,I have been there many times, I know that feeling, during Christmas in 2014,my life nearly ended,i had a huge blood loss, that changed my life, and I had to fight to live, and those moments was very scary, when you know you have a family, young kids to look after, and if anything happened to you, who would look out for them,i had many experiences and visits from spirit,i was being …

30th January 2015 About the Other Dimensions

endofvid [starttext] 30th January 2015......... About the Other Dimensions.....

Psychic Reading,Spirit Afterlife Reading,Tarot Reading Click now for a spirit after life reading where photo evidence is also included. from MYsterioUS Circle [endtext]

21st January 2015 MYsterioUS Circle sitting in Dimensions

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it is the 21st January 2015, as a one off MYsterioUS circle sat in natural day light as a one off to see if there was any spirit or ET or other life forms from other dimensions coming through,it was a positive sitting with out expectation to what will or will not happen, communication came through however it was so powerful it did not record the audio however will recheck footage in-case it a glitch on computer, there was visual coming in also faces appeared these seemed to be on a different level of dimension to others that have appeared in previous sittings,male and female even crowds was seen,as sylvia sits quiet in the chair it was very active it became active before the sitting got started.Because Sylvia been going through illness she has not been able to do regular sittings she has had to take big breaks from it.the experiment with the other dimensions are amazing to witness when they  happen there is no guarantee when something will or will not f…