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30th January 2015 About the Other Dimensions

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21st January 2015 MYsterioUS Circle sitting in Dimensions

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it is the 21st January 2015, as a one off MYsterioUS circle sat in natural day light as a one off to see if there was any spirit or ET or other life forms from other dimensions coming through,it was a positive sitting with out expectation to what will or will not happen, communication came through however it was so powerful it did not record the audio however will recheck footage in-case it a glitch on computer, there was visual coming in also faces appeared these seemed to be on a different level of dimension to others that have appeared in previous sittings,male and female even crowds was seen,as sylvia sits quiet in the chair it was very active it became active before the sitting got started.Because Sylvia been going through illness she has not been able to do regular sittings she has had to take big breaks from it.the experiment with the other dimensions are amazing to witness when they  happen there is no guarantee when something will or will not f…