30th January 2015 About the Other Dimensions

30th January 2015......... About the Other Dimensions.....
21st January 2015 the other dimensions crossing in to the mysterious circle sitting
sylvia is sat with arms folded in chair the spirit are doing there own thing.

not many of you understand the other dimensions and how it connects to our level of vibration here on earth, however spirit or any life form whether living or dead are among us all the time, for example you and your 5 senses will be tuned in to the material life as this is what you are used to all the time, when your  six sense tunes in you will be fortunate to either, see, hear or even feel or sense spirit, if you tune in above the sixth sense you are going into higher vibrations of awareness when the brain becomes fully active to be able to venture out and be more aware of all things that become unlocked to see and here touch smell taste etc in a very unique way, have a link like this that can be tuned in like tuning in your radio to a channel and get a perfect signal it starts to happen and become the center of attention.there are people who will believe or disbelieve in whether this is or is not possible however the universe is a big place and anything is possible.those who believe nothing is possible is limited and is stuck where they are at in there level of awareness.to branch out your awareness it takes commitment dedication and patience to achieve the results you want to witness. There will be people who may judge negative all I say however this is a time where getting anyone to accept something is only accepted in what they wish to accept for example some one invents a new gadget and it can do many things and the person who gets to buy it will accept it for what it can do as it is on the label.
Life is a constant learning curve and has many things to offer and see,there is no label for it, it is precious and should be respected no matter whether existance is about living or death,you are responsible for your actions each day how you treat others and it plays an important role even in the afterlife even in a dimension some where else,you can never escape things, even if you thought you got away with it, those on the other side who can meet and greet you and who have access to your whole lives will know you individually inside out your good and bad points,so remember that you get away with nothing it catches up with you.sitting in another dimension can be a danger and only a danger if you medal with it wrongly or go into it with the wrong thoughts, you never know what will be out there good or bad, people on earth who have good and bad lives living take it with them when they die and become just the same as they was a live treating others same way unless they wish to change,There is a lot to learn from other dimensions how you can benefit from it,the communication or visual of those that come through anything they can teach or even offer that may or may not be useful here for even you.the dimensions are also not just the past and present it can also be future coming to visit,sometimes you maybe lucky and have the opportunity to know things from there, however there are times your not meant to know all.It can be useful the dimensions to help others or learn of tragedies or unsolved mysteries that need clearance,it has it's good points and bad points yet it is a higher power that can give good knowledge in many ways. stay tuned for more on the dimensions.

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