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22nd February 2015 Is it wrong or right to prove the afterlife?


many things in life can crush the human soul yet it can be overcome,life can be hard for many different people, and even if you are different and you do not follow a crowd doing the same thing of a trend it does not mean you are the odd one out.where ever you are in your life, enjoy it, no matter how others see you,it is your path, so go on enjoy it, take no notice of those who are not in to you for what you do or is,be you, and be the best you can be,life's to short for all the chaos that happens, you want a positive future a happy one, not one that makes you feel it is not worth living for,I have been there many times, I know that feeling, during Christmas in 2014,my life nearly ended,i had a huge blood loss, that changed my life, and I had to fight to live, and those moments was very scary, when you know you have a family, young kids to look after, and if anything happened to you, who would look out for them,i had many experiences and visits from spirit,i was being …