22nd February 2015 Is it wrong or right to prove the afterlife?


many things in life can crush the human soul yet it can be overcome,life can be hard for many different people, and even if you are different and you do not follow a crowd doing the same thing of a trend it does not mean you are the odd one out.where ever you are in your life, enjoy it, no matter how others see you,it is your path, so go on enjoy it, take no notice of those who are not in to you for what you do or is,be you, and be the best you can be,life's to short for all the chaos that happens, you want a positive future a happy one, not one that makes you feel it is not worth living for,I have been there many times, I know that feeling, during Christmas in 2014,my life nearly ended,i had a huge blood loss, that changed my life, and I had to fight to live, and those moments was very scary, when you know you have a family, young kids to look after, and if anything happened to you, who would look out for them,i had many experiences and visits from spirit,i was being encouraged, to keep going back to my doctor as they was misdiagnosing me with things, even though I did,the medication I kept,being given was making the illness worse and triggered off the bleed,the spirit visitors told me to give up the medication and it would be the answer to all what was wrong in my body as it would shut down if i did not stop taking the medicines. I stopped taking them,and I was inspired,I had no energy to do anything, and one morning even though my blood pressure was all over the place and blood sugars was high i was told to stop eating certain foods as it was like an allergy attack affecting my body,I was even told to get back getting in to fitness even if i had to dance or do aerobics,I did since then I never looked back, even though I knew from last year my life was going to be a short life, and will die young, what time  I have I am fighting on, i have had bad experiences along the way still, even when I was nearly dead, I seen the true colors in people, how they are, whether they look out for you, or do not, learnt a lot, and even up to recent I have learnt a lot,I do know one thing, proving anything on the afterlife is never easy it is hard, no matter what you say to anyone or do, they will have an opinion whether believe or disbelieve, only one to one personal experience is what people will believe when they see something or hear it on that personal level, take them into a seance, they become disbelievers,no matter who the medium is sitting, they get judged and ridiculed. I have had my personnel experiences from the day i was born, always knew spirit existed, and i had my proof, and I know they will look how they was before death, and depending on how they died they will look the same way,there personalities the same, wear the same clothes etc,I do know there possessions that meant something to them, they will have in spirit, if they watched television or listened to the radio that to will be with them and if they are able to share there possessions they enjoyed, they will share it.It is a shame how the world is, there are so many people in this world, who will believe in something and others will not believe in it, and those who follow cults will have followers even churches of all religions, though each one will all have there own principles what they think god or Jesus is or is not and same for anything else trending, you get your famous pop stars, people will like or dislike them, no one can ever please anyone, though it is life,just how it is, you are accepted or your not. Sadly I have never been accepted for anything no matter how good or bad I may appear to people it is just how it is,I entered earth wrong, just bad timing, was not meant to come here yet I am here going through the trashy moments of what life throws at you,and even though it can be a dark aerie road,light at the end of the tunnel will may one day become better. All the songs I wrote and sang, no one believed I sang them and wrote them, all the dancing I did no one believed I did it most my life and enjoyed it and choreographed dance moves,no one believed I wrote stories and poems,no one believed when i spoke at probe conference i was there even talking the words i spoke,i got told was someone else talking not you,I sit and bring through ET, spirits and i get told same thing or told i am a fake,no matter what i say or do,I can not convince anyone, though in my opinion there is only one judge and jury and that is the creator of all things,and that creator who watch's us all knows me inside out just as much as knowing other people inside and out. I am not god,I am nothing special, just a person a soul who walks the earth just like you. And maybe it is time for me to just spread my wings and fly away out of existence,because being on earth is not a loving place it is like living in hell,and it should not be like that, i have not created my own hell before anyone assumes that,I think people are cruel and horrible to each other, and there is no harmony or kindness, just bitter hatred,jealousy and bullying,and when someone is not out there looking for anything to be famous which I am not,you get treated like you have no right to even go anywhere in any direction with your life,sadly that is how life is, cruel, if you have no money, people watch those with nothing even homeless sink, rare anyone helps those worse off,most would buy christmas presents with there cash than give to a genuine person on street with no home.I seen that happen with my eyes one time when i was heading in to a busy town, seen a woman that had nothing and i was on my way to a shop to get a typewriter ribbon, i looked at her and thought about the type writer ribbon, did i need it or should i give her the cash, which did i choose while everyone around walked passed her and ignored her, i gave her the cash,i gave her money so she could get herself food a drink and some where to go. that is what i did, I did not have to, yet I thought about her,and said to myself if that was you on the street, would you want some one to walk away from you and ignore you? I have experienced going through a dark tunnel many times and had no one there for me,and those times was hard,yet I am still here telling you I am here.Been close to death many times, and even though I have experienced fear from all types of ways to die,I know I am here to help those who have been in similar situations, guidance.Yet those experiences brought me closer to spirit. I believe in god, I believe in Jesus,i believe in Satan not as a religion I know the devil exists because i have seen it and i know not to medal in that direction, I believe in angels, I believe in many things you would not even think existed,though that is my belief,you have your own.If i was to say that those who say they died and seen the other side of afterlife then returned back to living, if i called them liars, i know i would be wrong,it exists as I know by personal experience until you experience something that will be the time you will believe it exists. When I got abducted many times by ET, I know it happened, telling anyone else, they either believe it or disbelieve it,there choice,unless it has happened to you,then you will believe. Sitting in  any form of spiritual way even for physicalmediumship,many mediums been judged and called frauds,does not mean they are a fraud or not,point is,how can any medium do there work with spirit and be pulled to the lowest of the low to have there confidence,self esteem, and whole path knocked to the brink by there own kind who supposed to believe in the afterlife,why waste time sitting with spirit,if that is all a people in the living will do to trash all the good efforts and hard work spirit and mediums are doing to prove the afterlife, the movement is getting destroyed, it will end up completely destroyed by those looking all the time for faults, no one looks for the good just the bad to judge and criticize.I think those who think they have it the gift who do judge others especially should rethink what they are doing because,karma will only catch up with them before long and there path will at some stage get trashed 3 or 4 times over from when they trashed others, this keeps on the way it is, the movement will surely die out and who's fault will it be, the spiritual movements not the skeptics who are anti towards spiritualists, it will be the spiritualists themselves that will destroy it all, and i will stand there clapping my hands saying well done to you all for ruining all the good the spirit did and you destroyed it not them so your all losers not winners. so think on how you treat others is a responsibility, if your not kind and loving and just out to cause trouble for any medium, watch your back sooner or later karma will end up paying you back to.

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