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3rd April 2015 New Big Changes for MYsterioUS Circle

endofvid [starttext] 3rd April 2015,MYsterioUS Circle shares an important announcement....Things change and they change for many reasons,sometimes even miracles happen to people for different reasons, and miracles only pop up when they do once in a blue moon for some one,.Sylvia has had a miracle happen for her it changed her life and has turned her life around,and this new positive turning point means to her that the spiritual work she was doing,is going temporarily on a back burner,she has a brand new life now, which she hopes to bring positive hope and changes for other peoples lives regarding there health and fitness.She will be going back in to dancing and aerobics and focusing on saving peoples lives,giving encouragement and true inspiration to those that need it especially those who feel there is no hope for them.The MYsterioUS circle site will still be on, it will get updated of any new experiences that happens,whether it be on the go or a return of sittings in future, so for…