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29th July 2015 Spirit phenomena happens in the kitchen

endofvid [starttext] Unexpected spirit phenomena happens in the kitchen at the top of work units while it takes place a face in bright light appears then disappears few orbs appear to after all whizzing light and spirit energy disappear. Sylvia wanted to capture more though her arms ached filming, though spirit went away of there own accord, sometimes ET do this form of phenomena .Sylvia was not expecting this to happen to her today however lately, a lot of light phenomena energy has been appearing in photos,this maybe a sign that one she is healing through her body,and two she is being made aware to get ready to return to doing work with spirit and ET again.Although just got to wait a little bit longer then she will return to it. what ever the spirit and ET have lined up for her,we will soon know when that day comes... take a look at the video of the spirit phenomena happening in the kitchen, Sylvia did look for other explanations to how it could of happened yet seen with her own eyes…