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12th January 2016 spirit faces to share with you

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It has been well over a year or may be just a little less of a year that mysterious circle has sat for a seance or connected with any other dimensions, well for a one off till sylvia's health gets fully better, she connected today 12th January 2016 for a short test see if any one in spirit wanted to appear or come in from another dimension,so thought would share a few photos, the original picture is in here, the copy has a circle showing where the spirit faces are,the first photo shows a male appearing in front sylvia's upper face,then in the next photo 2 separate spirit faces appearing at same time and similar with the last photo.recently been decorating the house, enjoy the photos,below.When i get the all clear on health one hundred percent, mysterious circle will return and carry on with the experiments,have a lovely 2016 everyone who is reading this xxx