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LIVE Cam Is Now Available 
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Halloween Special Live Cam Broadcast Monday 31st October 2011
every year Halloween arrives, it is the most active time so they say for spirits to appear and become active, the mysterious circle are about to make an important step in sitting on this very important day of the year, this will include encouraging many different life forms of existence and spirit people from all era's to come through visually and through communication and much more, this sitting will be very special, not just a sitting in the seance room as you normally would see. if you would like to see this live special you must contact the mysterious circle and request the password to be able to watch, not everyone will be able to get access so it is important you secure your place early to get a chance to see this special,please put your requests in early on anyone you would like to see or get communication from and we will do our best to get them through, any questions also please email early so we can prepare,there will be many exciting experiments in the sitting happening, things you may not have seen or heard of before, looking forward to having you there on the night. thank you mysterious circle. 
Camera 1            Now Available 
               Password Needed to watch 
     Java And Adobe Flash Player must be installed on your computer to view
Live Camera is Now on 6 days a week at 6:30 pm UK England Time unless stated change of day in schedule below
if you want to see live cam in full screen click the live webcam link below
Welcome to the Live Camera Page, to access viewing, you will need the ACCESS CODE/PASSWORD: to view, once you have the access code you may go to the page link, type in the access code, then view. Without an access code you cannot view. You can request the access code from the circle, you must email the circle, email address is found on the contact us page. Please do not take it personal if you cannot get an access code to view. There will be another opportunity for you to view another time, or there maybe other reasons why, sometimes only so many viewers at one time can attend in a session.  Thank you for your interest. MYsterioUS Circle.
You may see this on the Page when you have clicked the link above, you must be 18+ to view, click OK if you are over 18, anyone under age viewing, we are not responsible for your actions, those who are accessing under age will be banned.
You will also see after the 18+ warning
Private channel If you'd like to watch, send the broadcaster a message, and ask for their channel's access code.
Access Code:
Type in your access code then click on submit, you will then be in the channel, click the play button to view, there is a chat screen for you to type, you cannot use webcam or audio yourself to communicate with the circle there is only a text chat box only, however you can chat with other viewers in the chat box whilst viewing, it is not always possible the circle can type back to you, depending on what is happening in the circle unless you get a message from spirit then the circle leader or other sitter can type to you, it is important you are in the live cam channel few minutes before the broadcasting begins so you can test out hearing & seeing the scene clearly,there could be technical problems rarely, if this occurs it could be down to if nothing else, always make sure you have your sound on, your speakers and volume at a comfortable level, and anyone underage in your house hold keep away from the broadcast please. ACCES CODE: May change at times if it does you will need obviously the new one to enter site.
You can Follow the Channel by clicking follow. You May need to Join Justin.TV free to access further options.

Please check back to this page for changes of date or times plus cancellations

Online Live Broadcasting Dates And Times here:
Wednesday 17th August 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time
 Wednesday 10th August 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England TimeWednesday 1st August 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time 
Wednesday 27th July 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time  
Wednesday 20th July 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England TimeWednesday 13th July 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time
5th July 2011Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time
28th June 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time
14th June 2011 1st Live Launch  6:30 PM UK England Time
21st June 2011 Live Camera 6:30 PM UK England Time

No Live Broadcast Dates and Times here:
Saturday No Broadcasts, rare if there is

Tuesday 12th July 2011
Saturday 11th June 2011
Saturday 18th June 2011
Sunday 19th June 2011 Not sure ? watch this space on update
18th July 2011 Not Sure? watch this space on update
28th, 29th July 2011
15th,16th,17th,18th,19th,20th September2011


27th July 2011 Live Camera Broadcast 

13th July 2011 Live Camera Broadcast Special Guest Sitter Art 
Thank You
Mysterious Circle

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